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Based near Marble Arch, Central London, Progressive Supplies have been providing packaging solutions since 1958. Although we specialise in branded bespoke items, Progressive is also a stockist of a wide range packaging items suitable for fashion, general retail, delicatessens and wholesalers. We like to work in partnership with our clients, helping to develop their packaging requirements with stocked or bespoke items.

We are constantly on the lookout new and innovative products that enhance your customer's experience and give you the edge cover the competition.

Introducing FoamAroma®

The lid for a better coffee experience

Directed at the Hot beverage market, FoamAroma® drink lid incorporates an air vent hole positioned under the nose to allow the coffee or tea aroma to be enjoyed by the consumer. FoamAroma® has a specifically designed shape drink hole on an angled surface, which allows liquid flow with the foam at all tilt angles of the cup.

With a little practice the consumer will learn to exhale into the cup just prior to drinking which gives a gentle blast of coffee aroma right at the nostrils.

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